Gecko Anti-Slip agent|professional manufacturing company for Anti-Slip agent
The Leading Brand of Anti-Slip planning.
We ensure your safety.
Never-Slip provides a complete service for Anti-Slip planning: Manufacturing, Communicate & planning in advance and After-sale warranty.

Construction Procedure:
  • Communication and planning in advance
  • Public price offer
  • Professional anti-slip construction services
  • Warranty Service & Liability Insurance.
The spirit of craftsman research and development
Pursuing the core value of Safety and environmentally friendly at the same time and never compromise
After two years of research and development, Never-slip finally develope Anti-Slip agent. 
  • with environmentally friendly and excellent Anti-slip effect.
  • It is Colorless, tasteless and free of Carcinogen such as ethers and phenols with a weak acidic PH.
  • Moreover, it has passed both environmental protection tests of SGS and ASTM American Testing Standard.
We only provide the Best Products!

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